Flannelpunk is the web home of me, Ted Tollefson, this one writer, coder, and strategizer of content for social media, mass email, and websites, but that’s not what he writes about here. Don’t be silly. That’s over at Gusset Beard, LLC.

This here Flannelpunk is about self-indulgent writing. Accordingly, you can find him writing about whatever he’s learning:

  • Food, especially a vegan/plant-based diet, mostly for health and sveltness – I mean wellness – but I’m sure not sad about the environmental and other ethical implications.
  • Bicycling, mostly for the profound joy of it, but also for commuting.
  • Running, especially minimal and barefoot running because those practices seemed to reduce my injuries. YMMV, literally.
  • Lifting weights. I get together with friends most every week and try to get better at lifting heavy things. Powerlifting style.
  • The Way, a.k.a., Mere Christianity. Yes, I believe that God became human, defeated death, and offers us mystical union with his life as we try to work that out – or choose to reject it.
  • Woodworking with hand tools, preferably manualy powered hand tools.
  • Writing, including, yes, some writing about writing. (It’s horrible to be so meta.)
  • Work, especially these weird, abstract kinds of work that are so different from the way I imagined work while growing up on a farm.
  • Family? Yes, but I try to accord them some privacy.