According to Seth Godin, who knows a thing or two about writing, marketing, and blogging, you blog to provide something valuable to your “tribe.” – every day. He also says his best books are ones he writes, “to scratch an itch,” of his. As long as blogging and books are the same in this dimension, the best way to blog is probably to find a tribe who wants to read about your “itch.”

I’m going to ask him, but meanwhile, I also want to think here about my itches and my possible tribes. This may be easy for some people, the types that just love to talk about golf or birds or DSLRs. There aren’t too many topics I find boring! And the curse of this blog has been it’s acclectic quality. A person who likes my post about scripting OS X, is probably not going to come back if the next three posts are about barefoot running. :-( And vice versa.

If he gets back to me, or if I figure this out, I’m certainly going to follow up on this. (EDIT: Except if Seth were to ask me to refrain from posting about it for some reason.)