Last week’s Social Pros podcast with guest Dorie Clark is a really good listen if you own or work at a small firm and you already know you need to develop thought leadership by blogging. It’s easy to get discouraged a few months into starting a blog, especially in the shadow of perennial pronouncements that blogging is dead.

Blogging is anything but dead. In fact, it is just graduating from college! The instant gratification of image sharing platforms draws teenagers – not generally the source of polished, long form prose anyway. I would add that it also draws the attention of people who read blogs when they aren’t in the mood for longer form reading. This means that blogs are becoming a better channel for polished, professional prose.

Blogging’s gratification isn’t a fleeting, instantaneous thing. Instead, it takes a few months or years, but the returns can be significant. Learn how marketing strategy consultant Dorie Clark put in the up-front work necessary to became a thought leader in her field and went on to grow her business and sell books because of it.

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