One truism we in the 21st century all know is that we are strafed with messages on an hourly basis, we are adrift in a sea of ads, videos, statements, sound bites, and blog posts. We navigate, but remaining uninfluenced is like trying to go whitewater rafting while staying bone dry.

Influence is neither good nor bad in itself. Some of it seems to be a mix of good and bad.

You need to remind yourself to stay the course – to review and rehearse the things you need to do. You can do it alone, you can do it better with friends and colleagues. You can go on a retreats and attend a conventions. But, even more importantly, you can do something ever day. Use the information age against the distractions it creates by watching good talks on YouTube, listening to good podcasts, and, sure, reading good blog posts, too.

Steep yourself in what you are doing and why. You cannot build anything if you’re distracted by irrelevant messages or worried about what everyone else is doing. Set up shop in the echo chamber when you need to focus and stay motivated.

Of course this could lead to some mistakes, but how much of an interruption does that risk merit? This thing is a marathon, and the time to consider a different career is between races not at mile 17, when it’s starting to feel rough.